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NET framework 3.5, and SDK 7.1. However, .NET Framework is not installed. I want to install.NET Framework manually. Then, which .NET Framework I need to download? and how can I install it. I am a developer with limited experience. Please help me. A: VS2008 in addition to.NET 3.5 and SDK 7.1 are Visual Studio 2008 Tools for Windows CE and Device Emulator. There is no need to download.NET Framework 3.5 separately, VS2008 already contains it. The SDK contains the tools to help you build applications for Windows CE and it is required in order to build applications for Windows CE. The only way to install it is to download the whole Visual Studio 2008 installation package. Q: How to bind data object to DataTemplate in XAML? I have Data Template for my list with a property : SelectedCustomers : ObservableCollection I have a method that returns ObservableCollection for the binding of this list. private ObservableCollection Customers { get; set; } public ObservableCollection SelectedCustomers { get { if (_selectedCustomers == null) { //Get all customers foreach (var item in _customers) { if (item.IsSelected) { _selectedCustomers.Add(item); } } }




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