Zangmo Alexander
artist, educator, mindful creativity coach

I am interested in how the arts can embrace, yet reach beyond purely visual and aesthetic dimensions to be transforming, healing, revealing, and spiritually awakening experiences.


Arising from long term meditation practice, my luminous mixed media paintings, drawings, photographs and hand-made books are contemplations on the flux of bodily sensations, feelings, thoughts and memories as they arise and dissolve within the presence of unchanging stillness and inner light.


Some works are quiet, closer to stillness, while other works focus more on energy and movement, sometimes to the point of chaos. I often integrate words if they support the contemplative process.

I apply multiple layers of dense thick araldite, wood ash, paint, pastel, cold wax, found materials and gossamer thin Japanese handmade paper as metaphors for the multi-dimensional, textural quality of embodied experience. I use colour, light and shade for their power to resonate physically, emotionally and spiritually. These layers are often hacked at and scraped into to reveal more subtle, fine layers beneath into which one is invited.