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What Clients Say

"My re­treat with Zangmo was a most en­joy­able ex­per­i­ence, as her sup­port and en­cour­age­ment have given me the de­sire to pur­sue my love of col­our and ex­pres­sion again. It has been a few weeks now since my time with her, and something I no­tice is that when I wake in the morn­ings, I have feel­ings of hope and ex­cite­ment from these new be­gin­nings and a re­lease with my own cre­at­ive­ness. I feel I've been given a new gift of life."

- G.R, Kent: First Cre­ativ­ity Coach­ing Re­treat

"I am impressed by how you ensured that our time together was a magical combination of art, self-expression and meditation, with a warmth and compassion that made it easy to relax into it all.​ I achieved what I had come for, and was able to go deeper than I expected, so my expectations were all exceeded.  The way you regularly checked in with me as to what I wanted and whether it was working was really helpful.

​I take home with me both a better understanding and a reinforcement of what I need to do to feed and nurture my health and creativity.  You gently challenged me to design a path towards it, laid out in simple steps. By the time I left I felt more grounded, and at the same time I was buzzing with creative ideas."

- P.B.Sudbury

One-to-One, Personalised, Creative Art Retreats

Every­one is wel­come, from be­gin­ners to ex­per­i­enced

  • Experiment with exciting art materials including pencil. charcoal, oil pastel, soft pastel, watercolour paints, gouache, watercolour crayons, acrylic paints, oil paint, mixed media, ink, collage, photomontage

  • Develop skills and confidence in drawing, colour mixing, applying colour, composition,exploring a theme of personal interest

  • Explore representational, abstract, expressive or experimental approaches to drawing and painting in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere

  • Discover creative ways of exploring themes of personal interest: there is no one 'correct' way to draw and paint!

  • Benefit from supportive, inspiring knowledgeable guidance from a practising artist and qualified art teacher

Enquiries and Bookings: 01379 897393


One-to-One Mindful Creativity Coaching Retreats

Do you have personal, professional, creative or spiritual issues that you feel ready to move forward on with the right support?

A Mindful Creativity Coaching Retreat or Intensive can be of any duration, and offers you:

  • time to be, de-stress, breathe

  • space just for you

  • confidentiality

  • deep listening

in which to immerse yourself in exploring personal or professional issues with a qualified, experienced coach Zangmo Alexander MFA PGCE MAC.


Learn more about Mindful Creativity Coaching here

Enquiries and Bookings: 01379 897393

One-to-One Mindful Creativity Retreats

Whether you are a beginner to mindfulness meditation or a seasoned meditator, learn how to integrate art and meditation so that art practice becomes part of your spiritual path, with many benefits.

I have been developing methods of integrating meditation and art in my own art practice for the last 15 years. Your Mindful Creativity retreat will be personalised to build on your meditation experience and familiarity with working with art materials and processes.


Prior art or meditation experience is not necessary. 

Enquiries and Bookings: 01379 897393​


The minimum is two hours, the maximum is up to you. Dates are by arrangement according to what works for us both. Just phone me on 01379 897393 to ask ques­tions and ex­plore how you might want to use our time together​


Online while Covid-19 restrictions are in place. Otherwise sessions can be online and in person. I am situ­ated 6 miles west of Diss in the beau­ti­ful Suf­folk vil­lage of Botes­dale, with fabulous walks, an excellent road network with easy access to Diss, Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds, Norwich, Ipswich. Diss it­self is on the main­line Liv­er­pool Street to Nor­wich line


There is a wide se­lec­tion of hotels, guest houses, inns and bed and breakfasts to suit all tastes and budgets, with plenty to do for anyone accompanying you not doing a retreat


Well behaved dogs are always very welcome in my studio

Enquiries and Bookings: 01379 897393 | 044 (0)1379 897393 | Studio: Botesdale, UK

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