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One-to-One Personalised Art and Meditation Tuition

Explore meditation and creativity with Zangmo Alexander
Times and dates to suit you, weekdays or weekends 

Enquiries and Bookings: 01379 897393

Meditation is a process of getting to know ourselves
including all our sensations, thoughts, feelings, perceptions and memories

Many people mistakenly believe meditation means stopping thoughts. This is impossible - instead all our experiences are embraced through the meditation process.

In our sessions, we explore being and doing, learning how meditation and creativity can be mutually supportive

Being: can help us get to know and appreciate who we are in essence beyond all the roles and identities we clothe ourselves in as part of society. 

Doing: we explore and discover personal ways of expressing ourselves openly and creatively from that essence

Everyone is welcome,

and you don't have to be able to meditate, draw or paint!

Just contact me on 01379 897393 to chat to see if meditation and art is for you

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